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Advertise on the bottom portion of one page of this novel. Ad Spots are on a first come. first served basis. Each ad spot as pictured on the bottom of every page of the Online Flipping Novel will not exceed the size of the allotted space. Pictures and text accepted, and all artwork to place ad on the page is provided free. Please send me an email once your donation is made, and your ad will be placed in the next available spot within 24 hours of receiving all artwork.  This spot will belong to you, and will remain online for a period of no less than 1 year. 

This is done in 2 easy steps;

1). Click the button below,  and make your payment. Please print out and retain all emails and conformations.

  - 1 spot - $250.00 Canadian

2). Send me an Email - Include all information that you would like to see in your ad - Include all graphics, web addresses, email addresses, and phone #'s - Also,  your contact information (VERY IMPORTANT!)

- Make  donation to help support the creation of this
  Novel - any amount will be MUCH  appreciated!

Contact Dale Moses with any questions - (902) 865-7312 (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

BLOG | ONLINE NOVEL | Email | List Of Advertisers

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