Truth is more horrifying than fiction...

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"An open mind is a gift that few possess, but the gift

of knowing the truth is possessed by even fewer"


With the peace and beauty of a small town surrounding you, it’s hard to imagine that anything horrible could ever happen there. Don’t be deceived. The ghostly happenings that plague me to this day started in just such a place…

 The year is 1952. King George VI dies, and his daughter becomes Elizabeth II, Queen of England. Her coronation to the throne was the following year. The Atomic Energy Commission in America announced ‘satisfactory’ testing of the Hydrogen bomb in Enewetak in the Central Pacific. WW2 has been over for going on seven years now. As usual, it is a beautiful spring in the small unassuming town of Poplar Point, Manitoba, where the horror begins in the most unusual way. The birth of an innocent soul.

 It was a very happy time for the Fidler family. My great-aunt had given birth to her first child, a small baby boy. She went through the birth without the benefit and support of my great uncle, who had deemed the prospect of a family too much reality for him. So, heeding the call of the ‘bottle’, he had left just months earlier. Despite this, she had done quite well. This was a friendly town after all, and the vast majority of the family and neighbors pitched in to help in any fashion that they could. As a reward for their efforts, baby Dale had blessed them all with his tiny presence.

 Ah, yes… Life was good indeed. For a short time anyway… Fate and misfortune were just around the corner waiting to show it’s ugly side.

 From the start of his little life, something was not quite right. He was too quiet, displayed a severe lack of movement, and slept far too much. Many trips to various doctors finally revealed the reason. Baby Dale had a heart defect that robbed him of all of his energy. A tiny hole in the aorta, easily fixed nowadays, but being that medicine was not what it is today, was deemed fatal back then. Although all the doctors seemed to have their own theories as to just why this had happened, they all agreed on one thing… Baby Dale would not live to see his first birthday.

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