Truth is more horrifying than fiction...

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"Five, Six...Grab your Crucifix..."


That was the last straw...My mother had snapped, as far as my uncles were concerned...but the windows and doors thing had them baffled. My oldest uncle was the type who was always taking those home study courses that you find on the backs of matchbook covers, and hypnoses was one of those courses. It was decided to try this to see what was really bothering her, as it was basically a harmless thing to do. Or so they thought...My mother agreed, as this was terrifying her near death. After a sleepless night and a very nervous day, they settled down in the kitchen to do the hypnosis session. My uncle was optimistic, but my mother was doubtful. After 20 or so minutes of relaxation and soothing talk my mother was under in a soothing trance, but was fully aware of what went on around her.

My uncles were in for the scare of their lives, because as the full state of hypnosis was reached, my mother stopped breathing. This was from their point of view, anyhow...My mothers was much, much different. You see, in this relaxed state, she was almost hyper alert to all things around her...She remembers looking around the room at her brothers, and there, seen only by her, was the Dark Man, just behind them, smiling an evil smile with his hand outstretched to her...but this time, she was calm.


My mother at that point calmly chose herself, and got up to go with my uncles, this was where she stopped breathing. They yelled, slapped and shook her, but it wasn't until some cold water was splashed onto her, that she started breathing again...she had been rudely pulled back to her physical self. Once she told my uncles her perspective on what happened, the oldest uncle swore that hypnosis was something that he would never try on anybody ever again. They were never fully convinced of the Dark Man's existence, but they were sufficiently spooked by this point. They tried not to discuss the topic any further.

Many years passed, without anymore major visits from the Dark Man, but all through my childhood, my mother would catch brief glimpses of him out of the corner of her eye, or in a dark room, behind her in the mirror, but nothing more than a brief glimpse...just enough to remind her that he was watching...always watching...

Sounds like this was the end of this particular series of events...I wish it was...this may have been the last of him for my mother, but it was only the start for me...after all, it was me he wanted all along...


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