Truth is more horrifying than fiction...

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"...Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down...."


Twenty-two years old now, and not one bad dream since. I had met and moved in with my first wife, Joanne.  Marriage was just months away, and my old room-mate Brian had agreed to be my best man. I had just landed a sweet job with the Federal Government Of Canada in the Computer division. Life had never been better.  I was the luckiest man on earth. After a particularly romantic night of passion, I was laying awake, watching the moonlight on her sweet face as she slept beside me. The moon was full and lit up the bedroom brightly. As I stroked her hair and took in her sweet smell, I was contemplating just what a lucky sap I really was...a good woman, a good job...What more was there? Who could sleep with all this pride going through me? Yup, I was wide awake...

My thoughts were interrupted by a wafting that is hard to describe. It was overpowering, out of place, and sudden. I sat up and looked around the room to try and find where this peculiar smell was coming from...Then my blood froze...For there, standing in the doorway of my bedroom was HIM, the Dark Man of my nightmares...But I was awake! This was no dream! He was real! HE WAS REAL!

He started walking the few steps to the foot of the bed...I was terrified! He was just like in the dreams, only real this time! I remember being able to see through his mid-section as he walked heavily towards me...I was so scared, and this was so sudden, I was mute with terror. I could feel the foot-falls on the floor, and that damned spot  that squeaked at the foot of the bed when you stepped on it squeaked with his weight. Before I realized it, I had scrambled backwards and was up against the wall on top of the headboard, but still unable to get a sound out of my throat. He never took his evil looking eyes off of me, as he slowly sat on the foot of the bed. I actually felt his weight on the bed, as you would if someone sat on your bed. He grinned a smile that I will take with me to my grave, and spoke in a deep booming voice that I could feel in my seemed to emanate from all around me...


I'm a big man, a strong man, and not at all the computer-nerd type, but I'm not ashamed to tell you, I screamed...I screamed like a woman...This of course woke Joanne up, and she was scared out of her wits...who wouldn't be with an awakening like that? I tried to grab her to pull her away from HIM, finally screaming bloody murder for him to stay away, but he had disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. Joanne fell backwards out of bed, trying to get away from the raving lunatic against the bedroom wall, on top of the headboard...when she finally realized where she was, she jumped up and tried to comfort and calm me...but like a crazy person, I bolted from the room and turned each and every light on, and searched every room, all the while yelling for her to phone the police, HE was here somewhere. She didn't, of course, she just stood clear until I collapsed in a quivering heap in the kitchen. Then she went about trying to find out what had happened, and once I was able to tell her, she calmed me down. I had a couple of good stiff drinks, and finally started to stop shaking. After a couple of hours of assuring me that this was all just a dream, and me arguing that I was wide awake, she decided to go back to bed, as we both had to work in the morning. After a nervous and through search of the bedroom, I agreed to come back to bed, but only if all the lights elsewhere in the place stayed on.

We had finally settled down, and she kissed me on the forehead and told me not to worry about bad dreams, that she would watch over me...We went silent for a minute or two, when she asked me the question that proved to me once and for all that the Dark Man was in fact real, and I had not imagined him...

" Honey, what is that god-awful smell?"


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