He Still Watches - The Novel

Truth is more horrifying than fiction...

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That was the last meeting to date, I'm now thirty-four, and divorced. She took me for everything, and I'm only now starting to recover and get back on my feet. I guess HE was right about that...

There are times, in the middle of the night, I will wake up with the distinct feeling that someone is in the room with me, but I see nobody. There is nothing that I can place my finger on, yet there is something… a lingering sense of dread is the best I can describe it... Perhaps this is my own fear working on me? Or….?

Has the Dark Man left me? Or is he simply biding his time, waiting for the most opportune time to once again make his presence known. This is by far the worst part. The never knowing when he will show himself again. Even though friends tell me to rejoice in his absence, hopefully even banishment, I am not as optimistic. There is a great deal of questions that remain unanswered. Too many in fact. What does HE want from me? What part does Baby Dale play in all of this? Why my mother, then me? I have 2 other brothers and a sister, why not any of them? There MUST be an explanation, yet it eludes me…

In my attempt to better understand these 'occurrences' with The Dark Man, I have tried many different things. I have tried talking to some of my relatives in Poplar Point to see if there was anything in history that would help me to explain this, and I came up empty. I scoured the library, could not find anything. Finally, in frustration, I turned to the Internet. That’s when I finally came across a web page called The Shadowlands Ghosts And Hauntings. I posted this story, as well as a personal message. I received many replies, and a lot of sympathy, but I was looking for answers… It was a long shot, but I had to try. To the credit of all the "Board" members, I did receive many possible explanations, but then in the midst of the flood, I received a small email from a member calling herself "Primrose". Very un-pretentious, straightforward and to the point. This was what I had been looking for!

It read as follows;

"(From me to her)<< I have no doubt that I will meet him again, and I hope that I have the clarity of mind to perhaps ask him what he wants, and not just scream and  panic...(I'm not that old, but I really don't think my ticker would hold up to that....) >>"

"(From her to me) No, don't ask him what he wants. NEVER ask him what he wants...what he wants is your fear. He's got that. What you need to do is get over your fear for him to the point where you can banish him for good.

Frankly, my impression is this: what we've got here is a classic boogeyman. The child that's with him ISN'T the baby Dale, but the fear of your mother brought him to her, and then you. Not that she's to blame here, she was a
child, and quite naturally terrified.

These are entities that cannot harm. They can't. They can threaten, and they can terrify, but they can't hurt you. I have no doubt that when the time comes for you to pass over, you will go to the light and leave this fellow far behind. He has no hold on you, other than your fear.

So. You need to eradicate that. Which isn't as easy as it sounds, I know. Incidentally, I also am from Manitoba and I also had a man (white) in a top hat terrify me as a child...so. I sorta know what I'm talking about here.

Are you religious? Hokey as it sounds, the next time you see him, if you say, in the name of god I command you to leave me, he will. He'll have no choice. He can't dwell where god has been invited. I'm not a religious nut, but really, faith is everything here.

What these things are, are the dark side of humanity. The blackness, the stench, the evil deeds of man. If this guy's an earthbound spirit it isn't
hard to figure out why. If he's a demon, the same thing applies. But they feed on fear. Not just yours, your mother's. She needs to overcome her terror as well.

He CANNOT hurt you. He's not holding buggy, buggy's where any innocent baby would be. Buggy was merely his conduit to get to you.

Get yourself in control of the situation, and you will win this. I promise you. And I'll help you in any way I can.

Primrose "

The answer is now at hand! This reply was quite simply what I needed to arm myself to finally end this nightmare! I could not see this for myself, and I will forever be indebted to the stranger I know only as "Primrose". The next time I meet with him I will now be prepared.

 I have no doubt in my mind that someday I will know all the answers, probably after I leave this earth, and can talk to him on even terms.  Thanks to "The Shadowlands" and to Primrose, I feel that this is a battle I can now win.

I prey that this is the answer I've been seeking for so long, and I prey for an end to this nightmare. But in the midst of all of this uncertainty, there is one thing that I know to be horrifyingly true…

He is still waiting for me….

And He Still Watches.


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